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Top 10 caterer in Kolkata

We are a family-owned and operated catering business that has been serving the Kolkata Haridevpur area for over 27 years. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible catering experience, from our delicious food to our personalized service.

We offer a wide variety of catering services, including weddings, corporate events, social events, and more. We can customize our menus to fit your specific needs, and we have a team of experienced chefs and servers who will ensure that your guests are well-fed and happy.
We understand that every event is different, and we are committed to providing you with a personalized service. We will work with you to create a menu that reflects the occasion and your guests’ tastes. We will also help you to plan the logistics of your event, so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.
We are passionate about our business, and we take pride in our work. We are confident that we can provide you with the perfect catering experience for your event.


Serving delicious delicacies while ensuring quality and affordability , Selection Caterer is one of  top 10 caterer in Kolkata. With a team of chefs expertized in preparing exotic dishes from Bangladesh to China. Selection Caterer offers you a plethora of recipes of choose for you next party. We understand that when you are the host of the party, all you’re concerned about is hospitality. Thus, we ensure your guest are pleased with the quality and quantity of food served, food presentation and plating as well as discipline and courtesy of our staff. Our rates are cost optimized without compromising on the quality.

The Brains Behined

The dynamic looks after every single aspect associated with our business are carefully inspected to make your events a complete success. From creation menus to venue selection our team participate in all. Educate managers are appointed to look after the events for high profile corporate parties, luxury brands, destination weddings ceremonies and other parties.
Selection Caterer's Owner

The Cruise

Almost 27 years, Selection Caterer started out as a small catering service provider. But gradually with years of experience and expertise, at present, Selection Caterer is one of top 10 caterer in Kolkata, most reputed and trusted brand when it comes to catering service. Our delectable delicacies, highly efficient staff, affordable price rates, hospitality , presentation and much more places us ahead of our competitors in the business.

We have been the premium catering partners of most major grand events in the city and in its neighborhood. From birthday parties, reception ceremonies, housewarming parties, festive celebrations to corporate seminars, office parties, we believe in quantity, integrity and efficiency assuring superior and unparalleled services across the city.


Our master chefs experiment, researches and create new dishes to serve you the best and the most mouthwatering food you have ever had. We and our team constantly endeavor to innovate new dishes and create magic in your plates!

Herb Selection

We outsource the best of the ingredients from the most reputed vendor and sometime directly from the origin of the globe where it is most typically found. Our Chefs are very particular in adding the right ingredient form maintaining the authenticity of each item prepared. At our catering, the mantra is remain honest to the basic essence of the recipe and still create that dish in new way which will make you fail in love over and over again.

Technical Mastery

Our teams of chefs are very ready to practice and perfect recipes which have been created through ages, and creatively innovate them to suit the modern global palate. We constantly organize workshops and upgrade the skills and knowledge of our chefs. They are also constantly exposed to the ever changing cultures and food fads around the world!

Honouring our Guests

Honouring the guests is at the heart of Selection Caterer, It’s a tendency to fuss over our dinners, to anticipate their needs, to be helpful without intruding , and to be alert to their wishes. This is why our goal is to continue with the spirit of that “Guests must be treated as God!”. Because when they feel special, we feel special.
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